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Auld Lang syne

Once again there comes the time

To take stock of the year

To reminisce upon the road

That takes us far and near


I think about this life we trod

Each step for us a fight

To keep our feet upon the path

And slip not into the night


This year for me the road has shown

That time pays us no heed

We try in vain to stem its flow

But she simply just proceeds


For those of you who know me best

I try to see the good

In everything that I do see

At least I hope I would


With that in mind I now reflect

Upon the passing year

There's been a lot of Joy I find

And also there's been tears


I think about the friends I've made

And those who said goodbye

I think about the challenges

That encompass all our lives


For if one thing that life has shown

Is that there will be changes

Our daily lives and set routines

She laughs and rearranges 


No sooner do we think we grasp

Her secrets and her truth

But mindful that a ladies she

And we but silly youths


So I set my sights before me

Steadfastly to the dawn

Another year behind us

And yes another born


I for one will face this morn

Prepared to seize the times

And raise my cup to you my friends

And sing of Auld Lang syne.

 © 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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