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Darkness envelops you.  Slowly you start to become aware of the light,  as it dances lightly around you,  shyly peeking out like a child from behind her mothers dress.


You resent it at first. The warmth of your bed and the fading remnants of your dreams tug at your mind, making the case to stay with them in this place made of all that you desire.


Fight as you may, the light continues to gain a finger hold on your conscience  mind, and slowly, agonizingly so, it is joined by others as your senses start to come to life.


A breeze touches your skin, gently, softly, as if the lightest touch of a lovers lips. Your skin tingles at the thrill as your dreams struggle to remain in control.


Your ears, sensing an opening, pick up the soft, almost imperceptible, sound of the breeze as it passes through the branches of the trees outside.

A morning dove, softly, shyly, greets the day and is answered by another.  Slowly the symphony that is the new day raises to a crescendo and you realize the fight is lost.


You rise, and look to see the first glimpse of the new sunrise, and not for the first time, your soul joins in the song that is life and greets the coming day.

 © 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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