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Twas the night before Christmas  

Snowy Night

Twas the night before Christmas

And my heart was aglow

With the memories still vivid

Of the Christmas's I've known


I can see a small boy

Oh my I was young

We hadn't much money

But we had lots of fun


I can see all the trees

As we fly through the years

Even the silver one

That still brings me tears


And here too the people

Who have giving me love

So many still with us

Yet others above


The faces of friends

Both from now and my youth

They bring me both joy

And some sorrow in truth


My thoughts they all scamper

Much too cramped to dwell

On any one moment

On any one smell


I visit these memories

As my mind races time

As I look to my past

As my life still unwinds


Tis the love that I'm feeling

As I sit here tonight

As it wraps me in warmth

Against the cold of this night


For its love that you give me

When you greet me hello

It's a love I feel too

And I want you to know


So my friends now I leave you

With this greeting so right

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night

 © 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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