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Autumn Walk

You'll always be my little girls to me

For Lauren and Stacey

Time passes by so very fast no matter what we do

And In between those happy times, we've seen a tear or two

Now look at you, your both grown up, its simple now to see

But I don't care about all that,  you'll always be my little girls to me.


As you grew up and walked your path, I'd always hold your hands

I did my best, to show and guide you on with all your plans

And lord I wasn't perfect, and yet you both believed

Thank you both for understanding, Cause your still my little girls to me


So even though the years rush past, and old I have become

Inside my heart you two shall be, until my days are done

And even far beyond that day, when my time here cease to be

Your daddy will still love you very much, cause you'll always be my little girls to me

© 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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