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Casey Illinois - June 2021 trip


Casey Illinois, population 2635 ish

Casey KOA Journey

June 20th: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Today finds us in Casey Illinois where we have stopped to rest and check out some world record large items in the Guinness book of world records, that all happen to be here in this little town. I know, ultimate geek tourist stuff.

The KOA camp ground is in the middle of farm land, and when I look around it reminds me of our friends Scott and Jean Parker. Scott told us he grew up in Illinois farm country. For a city boy like me, this is cool and so different . And talk about your American dream, the new owners of this KOA , Papu and Sergei, immigrated here to the states many years ago, then moved here from Pennsilvania 8 weeks ago, and have owned the campground for only 19 days!

The campsite needs a little TLC as the previous owners let it get a little run down, but the new owners are working it hard, and I’m sure it will be a great spot to stop, It already is thanks to the friendly owners. I know when we come back through we will be talking about all the great changes they have made. So if your in the area, give this campground a try.

Good luck guys!

Anyway heading in to have Father’s Day breakfast at a local farm restaurant the see some records. More soon.

Great brunch buffet and yes, worlds largest pitch fork.


So what do you do when your town has only 2635 or so residents, and really is not well know? Well if your Jim Bolin, you decide to build the worlds biggest wind chime and get it into the Guinness book of world records. And it worked, people started coming here and so Jim made large things and placed them in other town businesses. He got 12 into the record books, and more then 20 other big things that while not records, they are big! The rest as they say is history. Here are some if the things you will find here.

It was like going on a big scavenger hunt!

After we found all these objects we went and visited two vineyards, Castle Finn vineyards and Tuscan Hills Winery for some tastings.

Umm, yeah, before and after lol. Great way to spend Father’s Day, and the last day of our trip. Tomorrow we head out for casa De Armas north and our Michigan home base.

I’ll wrap up in a final blog for this trip when we get back to Michigan.

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