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Hot Springs Arkansas - June 2021 trip


Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs Arkansas

Catherine’s Landing RV Resort

June 16th: Making our way back to Michigan and we have stopped her to see Hot Springs National Park. We call our RV Bucket Quest because part of what we want to do is visit every state via RV, and spend at least one night(Hawaii will be a little different grin) at a RV Campsite. In addition we want to visit as many National Parks as we can while doing that.

Well so far we have visited the Hiawatha National forest in the UP, Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky, and now Hot Springs National park, yeah, we have a lot to go.

We have been really lucky with the RV parks so far, and Catherine's Landing is no exception. It’s a beautiful RV resort near the Park and right on Catherine's lake. The Park is also different, part of the park is the actual town of Hot Springs and all the bath houses on Bath House row. Really cool. This is our first day in pictures (thanks again to Jan) More to come.

June 17th: I’m really loving this trip. Today Jan found that the Arkansas railroad museum was only an hour and a half away. In case you don’t know this about me, I love all things trains. So we hopped into Jeep Jeep and were on our way.

But when we got off the exit we thought, oh oh, this looks a little run down.

I’m like, there’s no trains here, but drove just a little more and found it! This place was amazing.

It was really cool to be able to go in and see these cars and engines. If you guys know of any cool train museums or places to see, please leave me a comment or email us at and I’ll add it to my own bucket list. Or click the button below and leave your suggestions on our forum.


June 18th: Garban Woodlands Gardens

When Jan said, “hey I found a garden that looks cool”, I’m thinking here goes a day of roses and other flowers. Man was I wrong and so happy she found it. I have no idea how far we walked today but it was a bunch. We saw beautiful woods and trails and some wonderful waterfalls. Oh and yeah, we got to see a G gauge train set up that was cool, and the wonderful Anthony chapel which is built all in wood and glass. This place was amazing.

And here is the stunning Anthony Chapel.

Please let us know what you think or any suggestions by emailing us at or click the button below.



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