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Family time at the lake with the family from NY and Houston

Summer time in Michigan

The Grand Nieces and Nephews in the lake, where else lol


Lake Casa De Armas North

There's a song that say "It was summer time in Northern Michigan". That songs has a lot of references to what lake life up here can be. Don't get me wrong, I love our home in Florida, but when it comes to just plane fun, you can't beat Michigan's summer. whether its the temperature, or the fact that it does not get dark until 10 pmish, its just magic.

Now add in family coning to visit from New York and Houston and now we are talking a party! We had our ups and downs, but we enjoyed having everyone over. It was hard to pick only a few pictures but here goes.

Great time was had by all. Now we will keep those memories close at heart until our next family get together.


We will see you all next week as we take a short trip to Traverse City and then Gran Rapids of Lauren's baby shower.

Frank and Jan

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