Going West! YellowStone and the Grand Tetons.

Now thats a trip!

Preparing and doing last minute changes

September 22nd. Shelby TWP, Mi.

We've taken trips before, but never something on this scale. The planning takes a lot of thought as when you're on the road for this long a time, you have to think through everything.

But it's also exciting and fun. We have done long trips before either by boat, plane, and even some 2+ week trip's in the RV's, but this one is truly training for next years great Alaska adventure.

But before that, we get to explore the majesty that is Yellow Stone National Park and the Grand Tetons. Along the way we will see Mt Rushmore, Custer State Park, Rocky Mountain National park, and so much more as you can see from the map.

Our first stop will be Coloma Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan.

See you all soon, and hopefully, on the road with Bucket Quest!

Frank and Jan

Please let us know what you think or any suggestions by emailing us at bucketquest@ddsi.com or click the button below.


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