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  • Frank DeArmas

Little Big Horn BattleField. Site of Custer’s last stand.

The Memorial at the site of the battle

Little BigHorn MT.

Sheridan WY KOA site A08


September 12th

We have all heard and read about Custer’s last stand. But so much of what we learned is more legend then facts. What is a fact is that in a battle for their lives, and on the native side, to defend their families and way of life, over 200 men were lost in the battle.

The site is really a view into the brutality of war. Throughout the area and hills surrounding the area, white grave markers show where the soldiers died. As well, brown markers point out where natives fell.

The site is not only a memorial, but it is also a national cemetery with soldiers from all wars up to, and including Vietnam, have come home to their final resting place.

It always effects me when I stand among these men, and women, who now rest with their fellow vets. Rest In peace my brothers.

Tomorrow we head into Yellowstone.

Frank and Jan



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