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Prince George

Our final stop on this adventure and for now, goodbyes

These are our traveling family

By Jan

There are some people that cross your path in life that make you the person you are today. We were with 41 people for 62 days. They all made an impact on my life. Some small some much more. Let me introduce you to our somewhat disorganized family of 62 days.

Bob and Teresa - they were the perfect couple to lead us into the Alaska frontier. So patient with this motley crew.

Teresa also is into photography so I had a shooting buddy. Made some great memories shooting together, I hope in the future we will make more

Jack and Joanne - I felt comfortable traveling the Alaska Highway knowing that these two had our back. They always made sure all rigs were safe for travel by hitting each tire with a golf club. Lol, I thought it was funny but it worked to make sure all tires were at the proper level. I know we’ll see them again, they stay in Ft Myers in the winter months.

Gene and Karen - Karen being a princess (her words not mine) she overcame the ruggedness of the trip with flying colors, her husband very patient and soft spoken. Though he almost got arrested at the Canadian border.

Mike and Sandy - they had their share of hardship, but made it to the end after having to wait 10 days in Prince George to get there tow fixed.

Tom and Cathy - always there to help out when someone needed a hand, their daughter Melissa came in for a few weeks and you could tell how tight the three of them are.

Rob and Judie - Judie is one of the sweetest and giving person I’ve ever met. And then there is Rob, he tries to come off as this mean person but deep down he’s a sweetheart like his wife, they’re both a bit devious but always just in fun. Roman is their dog and all I can say is, he’s a very lucky dog. (Really all the dogs on this trip were lucky, I saw a lot of love for the fur babies)

Ernie, Bonnie, Rick and Cyndy - I’m putting these four together, because from the very beginning of our trip, they were inseparable. They only met for the first time on our adventure but I can tell their friendship will last a lifetime.

Frank and Val - very nice couple that had a emergency back home so Val had to leave us before we even got to Alaska. I wish them well and hope all works out for them.

Danny and Judy - I always loved Danny’s stories and Judy was always smiling and laughing. It was an infectious laugh, that when you heard it, it made you smile.

Dick - he traveled alone with his dog Makena. For some reason, He loved messing with Frank, so in my book he was ok.

Dave and Vicki - Vicki always made me laugh about all the ways Dave has tried to kill her, and Dave would just chuckle and never deny it. Love, true love.

Bill and Connie - Bill is the kind of guy that would do anything for you. He was always tinkering with everyone’s RV for one thing or another. It was a comfort to know if something went wrong there was Bill to help you out. Connie always went along with the flow, towards the end of our trip, she broke her ribs. If that was me, I’d have wanted to go home, not Connie, she said if she had to sit still, she would rather look at all this beautiful scenery. Also, while in Stewart, they crossed the border to Hyder and forgot to bring Connie’s passport. Bill had to leave her at the border and go get it. Never a dull moment.

CJ and Vivian - what a fun couple to be around. We went to a Chinese restaurant with them and another couple, Steve and Barb. Vivian insisted we all order something different and share. CJ just shook his head and said you’re best to just to go with it. Barb and I wanted the same thing but Vivian said we had to order different things. We both gave in to her wishes and I’m so glad we did. I tried things I would have never thought to order on my own. Thank you Vivian for being so persistent. Vivian is also an awesome painter, I hope to see more of her art in the future.

Steve and Barb - when Steve and Barb tell a story they play off of each other. It’s like a George Burns and Gracie skit. Always making me laugh. Frank especially liked the Vega story.

Sue and Chris - they had their share of problems on this trip and we never heard a complaint. Always optimistic and easy going. Sue is a writer and from the stores she tells, I know her books have to be awesome. Chris like myself does photography, It was always fun getting together on a shoot.

Joe and Sandy - always a pleasure to be around, they lost a tire on the Alaska highway and we never heard a complaint or a angry word. They took it in stride and was back on the road in no time.

Mark and Tracy - Mark is the winner at traveling with adventure caravan. I think this was his 9th adventure and he signed up for another one before we all went our separate ways. He just has to remember when crossing the border you can’t take in chicken or eggs. The border got him a couple of times on this trip. Tracy is so sweet, always trying to feed you and take your picture to send to us so we have memories of the trip.

Don and Linda - they are on a quest to see the country with adventure caravan. As soon as they left us in Prince George, they were going to meet up in Oregon with another caravan (which by the way Bob and Teresa is heading up) and working there way down the coast of California. They are very adventurous.

Kevin - one of the most positive and optimistic people I have ever met. He was traveling with his two beautiful cats in a little travel trailer with no generator. We never heard a complaint when we boon docked and was always so appreciative.

He also did yoga and was in excellent shape. If I tried some of his moves, I would be in a hospital.

Terry and Mary Ann - both very soft spoken and a pleasure to be around. The night before we went on the epic fishing trip, Terry and I were talking about passing due to the weather forecast of rain and wind all day. The next morning we were both out there ready to go. After 6 hours of being sick, wet and freezing, he came up to me and said, I think we made a mistake. Lol, I agree Terry we should have stayed home but just look at all the fun stories we couldn’t have told.

Some of these wonderful people will soon be distant memories but I hope some of them we will see again in another one of our adventures.


Like Jan, I could not have wished for a better group to travel with. While we wrap up our Adventure Caravan trip here, we will continue to blog our travels on and on the BucketquestRV Facebook page. It is our hope that somewhere in our future travels we will once again find ourselves with all of you. Until then, Safe travels and as, always we hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next time, we will see you on the road!

Please let us know what you think or any suggestions by emailing us.



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