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Revisit Signpost Forest

The Bucket Quest RV sign

We did it!

As we made our way from Valdez enroute to Hyder, we got the chance to spend another night near the Signpost forest in Watson Lake. Yukon Territory. Those of you who have been following along know we first came here on our way up the Alaskan Highway and the whole Caravan got to put up a sign, which was a really great way to commemorate our epic road trip. If you missed that blog you can read it here.

That started us thinking, man it would be great to have a Sign for Jan and I to put up too!

Our 2022 Adventure Caravan Sign!

So while we were in Fairbanks we went shopping and got what we needed. Now all we needed to do was to get back to Watson Lake. Well, it just so happens we had to go back that way to go to Stewart BC and Hyder AK.

Here is our sign that is now in the Signpost Forrest!

That's our sign! There's the Adventure Caravan Sign Thanks Rob and Judie for the help

Click on pictures to see full image

So if you ever find your self on the Alaskan Highway, and stop into the Signpost Forrest, let us know if you find our sign, and maybe send us a picture with it.


Boon Docking at the airfield

So for those of you who may not know what boondocking is, it's just the name for camping without any hook ups, like water, electric, etc. Now we know that we are spoiled by traveling in our RV, and most of the time we stay in campsites that have hook ups. Well on this trip we got to boon dock for the first time, and let me tell you it was pretty cool. We had full water tanks and empty waste tanks so a few days would not have been an issue.

But we learned that we had an issue with our inverter and batteries so our refrigerator kept turning off and on. Since we do have a generator that we ran, this really was not too much of an issue, but we really did not want to run it all night and keep everybody awake. Thankfully I had purchased a Jackery solar generator, plugged my fridge into it, and presto, no issues as it ran our full size fridge all night long. The Jackery really came in handy.

Unfortunately it rained all day and night because Teresa, Bob, Joann, and Jack had activities planed, but you know what, it was still fun.


Carcross Highway

The route we took to Stewart and Hyder had us traveling on the Carcross Highway. I know we have mentioned how beautiful the scenery was, this part of our trip just added to that. I had forgotten I had taken a short video of one of our stops on our way into that remote little piece of Alaska but came across it as I was putting the material together for this short blog.

The Carcross highway in British Columbia Canada


Jan's Fun facts

My Fun facts for this part of our journey is more of a observation then a fact.

When someone carries dog treats in their pocket, all the dogs become their best friend.

That is exactly what happened on our 62 day adventure. On day one at our meet and greet, Frank came with a baggie of doggy biscuits. Every morning Frank would go out to chat with all the guys and give any dog that was lucky enough to be out and about a treat.

All the dogs loved him. I’m not so sure their owners felt the same. Lol Edgar got in trouble one day because Danny, his owner told him to stay and he completely ignored him and ran to Frank for a treat. (Frank didn’t give him one that time). Roman even began to know our RV and when out for a walk he would take his owners Judie and Rob to our Rig to get his treat. They would come up to me and I would have to send them to Frank. (I didn’t want to take away from his fun).

One time everyone was sitting around a fire when we walked up and at least 5 or 6 dogs came running up to Frank. I think he even learned the dogs names before their owners.

I know Frank had missed having a dog since our baby Tica passed. I’m glad he was able to get his doggie fix on this awesome journey.

Below is a tribute to all the fur babies that Frank fell in love with, and I do believe they felt the same. The only picture I didn’t get was Wilma, Terry and MaryAnn left early for a race that one of their race cars were in.

The pictures below are in somewhat alphabetical order

Bounce Casey Edgar

Han Solo & Spock Makena Missy Kibbles

Roman Rosie Sprite

We can’t forget our feline friends

Timmy and Krista


And always in our hearts

In loving memory, Tica, our little girl


Our next blog will be Stewart BC and Hyder Ak, bear central. As always we hope you enjoyed the blog and until next time, we will see you on the road!

Please let us know what you think or any suggestions by emailing us.



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