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Saint Joseph/Benton Harbor Mi

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Saint Joseph Michigan!

Coloma St. Joe KOA


September 2nd. Coloma/St. Joe Mi.

Hard to believe but we are wrapping up our first stop here in St. Joseph. And as happens at every stop, we learn so much about our beautiful country and meet great people. You also may notice some themes. We love hiking in nature, seeing the beauty that is nature, tasting different brews and wine from the region, and trying the local food that makes the area unique. I am happy to say we have done all of those in the last 2 days lol.

First, the picture above is from sunset at the St. Joe light. I'll post a clip I put on facebook in the movie area of the site, but it was amazing to see the power of Lake Michigan and the majesty of the sunsetting over her.

Next we went to this great nature center called Sarett Nature center. Jan and I enjoyed getting out and just walking all their many trails, that was just amazing. It also has a butterfly house and lots of creatures in a live exhibit. If you'er down in SW Michigan we can highly recommend it.

Sarett Nature Center

After all that walking we were sooooo thirsty, so of course Jan found the perfect place to chill. This is something I did not know. Did you know SW Michigan is a full of vineyards?

And that it is thanks to the Welches Grape company? Apparently back in the day Welches Grape jam, Jelly, and juice, was born here. The company is owned by a group of farmers and you can see the vines everywhere around here.

Well, what else can grapes be used for? Wine! And of course some folks figured it out and wa la! we have a great afternoon of Wine tasting.

Jan did her magic research and found Hickory Creek Winery. What a great place, we sat out side and tasted the offerings and had a wonderful conversation with Michelle, who has an amazing story and has a connection to South Dakota. Let's just say she has the inside scope on what to do and we will be doing as much of it as we can. Michelle if you're here and reading this, thank you. Cant wait!! Hope to eat from your food truck when we come back to see the fall colors in October on the way back.

Hickory Creek Winery

Finally, Jan read that there is a burger that Michigan is known for, the olive burger. Yeah, we had no clue. So we ended the day going to bucks in St. Joe and ordered our first ever Olive burger, And man it was good!!

Olive Burger at Bucks

And with our stomachs full we came back to BucketQuest for one last fire before we pack up and head for our next stop, Wisconsin Dells.

We hope you follow along!

See you all soon, and hopefully, on the road with Bucket Quest!

Frank and Jan


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