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  • Frank DeArmas

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

View of downtown Sioux Falls - picture by Jan

Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls, KOA site E20


September 6th.

I’m not as young as I use to be. This thought enters my mind as I figured out we need a day to just chill lol. And, we also hit our first snag of the trip. For some reason our fridge decided to act up. The bad part about all this was we did not notice until all our food needed to by thrown out. Yup all the stuff we prepped at home and froze, unfroze and had to be tossed.

As I said, I have no clue why, but I was able to do a hard reset and she went back to normal. A quick trip to Walmart to restock and we were back in business. So here’s what we ended up doing here in Sioux Falls.

First, not sure if it’s just Sioux Falls, or if it’s all SD, but there are Casinos on every block, no I’m not exaggerating, every block. And they are mostly small buildings that look like they use to be gas stations lol.



Downtown Sioux Falls predominant feature can be found at Falls Park. Here you will see how the town got its name. The Falls we’re carved out by a receding glacier during the last ice age.

It really is in the heart of downtown which makes it part of the whole feel of the city.


Spot light on local food

As you guys know we try to highlight local food everywhere we go. I’m afraid we failed here. While we got a lead for where to find it, they were closed being Labor Day and all. So instead we took the opportunity to walk downtown and look at all the artwork that was on display.

We also grabbed a great meal at Crawford’s. Chicken fried steak with pomegranate, delish! Jan had the salmon.

We promise we will look for a more local dish as we get deeper into SD.


Great Plains Zoo

We also ended up going to the zoo here as we love to visit zoos as we travel It’s always a good time and if you don’t watch yourself you may learn something.

I love the Giraffes Lol.


It’s a maze ing lol

And finally, we are always looking for fun stuff to do, so Jan found this corn maze. It took us 1:20 minutes to find all the clues.

Yup, it was in the shape of a lion. That’s the map we used to find our way around.


So once again we pack a whole lot into 2 short days. Tomorrow we head out to Rapid City which will be our base camp for Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, Deadwood and more.

See you all in Rapid City!

Frank and Jan


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