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Waterfalls and Alpaca's

Wisconsin Waterfall loop - Bond Falls, and Alpacas

What makes this place special

Summer Breeze Campground

Once again we found our way to Iron Mountain Michigan and our favorite base camp here, Summer Breeze Campground. We really like this RV park, it's clean, all hook ups work, and the managers are really friendly and always willing to help. If you need a place to park your rig up this way, I highly recommend this one.

With bucketQuestRV all hooked up and settled in, we embarked on what turned out to be a full day of Waterfalls and hiking. We just love being out in nature and just getting to see all the beauty we can discover. We were of course in JeepJeep, and Waze could not pick up any cell signal. So we went to our back up, Jeeps navigation system which we call Sexy Voice Lady. Well she thought, hell, it's a jeep, and we ended up 4 wheeling through some interesting ATV trails. As Jan said, thank god we were in a jeep and not mini cooper grin.

Jan was snapping pictures with her camera as well as her iphone. The pictures she takes with her camera will eventually be posted to her gallery, if they are good enough. The iphone picture are for me to use in the blog. She also reviews the blog and offers suggestions. She does the same on my videos, so I guess that makes her my artistic director! Here are some of the pictures she took.


Long Slide Falls


Dave's Falls And Bond Falls


Veterans Falls


Strong Falls and 12 foot falls

The video below will let you not only see these beautiful areas, but hear them as well. I never get tired of seeing these wonders of nature.



We also went and visited an Alpaca farm. All I can say is we were overloaded with the cuteness factor. Jan took many pictures and I asked her to pick out her favorites, so here they are.

I told you, adorable lol.

Well that will do it from Michigan and Wisconsin. The next few days will be in Minnesota where I plan to do one blog for the state, which means I'll be posting it towards the end of next week. And believe it or not, we are only 9 days from heading north into Canada and on to Alaska!!

Enjoy the video, stay safe, and see you on the road!!

Frank and Jan

The Waterfalls of Wisconsin and Michigan

Hope you enjoyed the Video!


Please let us know what you think or any suggestions by emailing us.

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