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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

View of the upper Dells

Wisconsin Dells Wi.!

Wisconsin Dells KOA site 84


September 4th.

Ok, I have to admit, when I booked this stop I really only did it because it met our travel criteria, drive for no more then 5 hours a day, and from St Joe to here was right about that. What I did not expect is that we would find a stop that would get added to our , ok we need to come back here list. And it’s not because of all the water parks and the downtown that has all the tourist things that reminds me of Gatlinburg, though it does lol.

So let’s look at the things Jan and I love to do, as we mentioned in our last blog, and I think you will see why that is.



We started the day doing a boat ride on the upper Dells. If you guys come this way you really need to do this ride. It’s about 2.5 hours long and it reminds me of Pictured Rocks in the UP, but it’s better. I know, It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Visiting the witches gulch just took our breath away. Here are some of pictures we took, but it doesn’t do it justice, and I’ll post some video too. Jan took these stunning pictures on the trip.

And here are some from me.

It really was amazing. When we come back we will do the lower Dells.


Spot light on local food

Wisconsin is known for cheese, brats, and beer. So Jan and I ate at the Brat house grill, a converted church house which was built in 1894. And yeah, it was awesome.

Thanks to Jan for this picture. And now the food!

Cheese curds, brats, great Mac and cheese, and a big pretzel paired with Spotted Cow craft beer. OMG and yummy.



Ok, not really a category, but you guys know I love trains. So Jan found the Mid-Continent Railway Museum and it was fun. Thanks for putting up with my train fixation honey.

Jan took these great pics

And some from me

I also posted a short video of the train ride and some of the boat ride in the movie section.


It really is a small world!

And finally from it’s a small world point of view, we met a young couple from the Detroit area on the boat trip, so we started chatting. Bill, Michelle, and their puppy Cooper, were sitting next to us so we started to talk, and as it turned out, Michelle is the daughter of someone I use to work with at Comerica, hi Dave, and he lives a few blocks from us, crazy. Great meeting you guys and hope you had a good trip back home. Oh and thx for sharing Cooper with us.


Oh, Jan wanted everyone to know she kicked my butt at putt putt.


So, as I said, Wisconsin Dells will definitely be part of a return trip. Time for a camp fire and getting ready for a travel day tomorrow, so thats it for now.

See you all in Sioux Falls!

See you all soon, and hopefully, on the road with Bucket Quest!

Frank and Jan


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