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Storm in the Sea

Storms coming in. Wind picking up. Waves on the lake rush to the shore as if trying to outrun what it knows is coming. There's a peaceful feeling just before a storm that is only broken by the sounds of distant thunder. Clouds race on by as if driven by an unseen hand. Trees sway in a dance, trying to coax a reluctant suitor. 


There is beauty in the moment; your senses are heighted as every cell in your body awaits the onset. Then, slowly at first, the rain starts to fall. You smell it first; you feel the temperature drop ever so slightly as your skin tingles at its kiss. 


And then, like the release of a lovers passion after a long courtship, the sky's open up and the earth once more quenches it's never ending thirst.



© 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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