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Thoughts turned into words

From time to time, I have these thoughts

These thoughts turn into words

Perhaps it was a thing I’d done

Or maybe something I had heard

At other times my feeling flow

You see them on the page

it scares me so that people see

My soul before their gaze

Most times I write for just myself

But every now and then

It gives me joy to share my thoughts

With all of you, my special friends

 I often write of love and life

Or lost, so sad I’m blue

Or funny things that bring me joy

I hope you like them too

I love to read the different views

As we go about living  life

What some consider pleasant times’

Others see as strife

Tis true I’ve heard that when I write

I must use fancy words

Forgive me friend’s, that makes me laugh

That’s really quite absurd

For should your thoughts be rhymed or not

When the writer in you stirs

Take up the pen and write it down

And share your thoughts turned into words


© 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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