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Veteran Memorial Service

Wounded warrior, your not alone

The drums of war beat far away

And yet for you there here to stay

Within your soul the pain still grows

You keep it deep, it rarely shows.


 So very young, you raised your hand

To guard our freedom, protect our land

You wonder now what was the price

Of mindless days, of terrors strife


The things you've seen, to forget you try

Come racing back, when you close your eyes

The darkness and the anguish grow

While those around you never know


You do not think they'd understand

Or think of you a lessor man

To be so brave and have this fear

It's better not to let them near


Some wounds, my brother, are hard to heal

Are hard to see, though not to feel

And though you think it best to hide

Please feel the love that's at your side


Let that love dispel the endless night

Heal your wound and bring the light

This is a fight so please decide

To let those that love you fight at your side


So take a step, and then one more

Raise up your gaze and see the score

We got you now, your safe and home

Wounded warrior, your not alone


Francisco "Frank" DeArmas - US Army


If you are a Veteran, and fighting with depression, or a loved one of a Vet that needs help, your not alone. Please contact the VA crises line at 




Thank you for your service.


© 2022 Copyright by Frank De Armas

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